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youtube is not necessarily lost ppv revenues for boxing

I read this on Boxing News today and I must say that I disagree with the article pretty strongly.  Basically the article highlights the large number of people now watching boxing matches, or portions of matches on shortly after the fights are done (usually their are uploaded within a day).  Using the recent Pacquiao-Marquez rematch as an example the article says that potentially hundreds of thousands of pay per view dollars are lost when fans choose to watch the fight on youtube rather than purchase the fight for $50 to watch it live.  The assumption that many of the people watching on youtube would actually buy the fight if not for youtube is a weak one in my view.

A casual boxing fan is not likely to shell out $50 to watch any fight.  The casual fight fan might watch some highlights, might see a fight at a bar showing ppv sometimes, or watch fights available through regular cable channels.   Casual fight fans are also likely to check out some fights, or some clips on youtube on a regular basis.  By watching clips or entire fights on youtube that casual fight fan might even become a serious boxing fan if they like what they see.  Without youtube many boxing fans would never get to see many of the best bouts.  Most top boxing matches are put on ppv, usually at $50 or more for the card.  Only very serious fans will actually pay $50 a piece to see a fight, and only serious fans will manage to pool together several friends to buy the fight and watch it together.  Only serious fight fans will make a point of going out to a bar showing the fights on a Saturday night.

Youtube catches the attention of mostly casual fight fans, most of whom in my view would never consider buying the fights that they are watching.  It is my opinion that youtube might even lead to great ppv revenue as casual fight fans slowly become serious boxing fans as they are exposed to more and more great fights.


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