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Nice to see Dave Harper enter the fray

This week Dave Harper, a West End resident for 14 years, announced that he is running for the BC Liberal nomination in the riding of Vancouver-West End. I should make it clear that I am supporting Spencer Herbert in his run for the NDP nomination in the riding, and I intend on supporting Spencer next May, but I am happy to see that a West Ender like Dave Harper is entering the contest.

I do not know much about Arthur Griffiths other than the fact that he inherited the Vancouver Canucks from his late father. What I do know about Griffiths is that he is not a West End resident, and never would be except for the fact that it is a Vancouver riding where the incumbent Liberal MLA is not seeking re-election. Griffiths makes his home in Point Grey, one of the wealthiest areas of Vancouver, a seat which is currently held by Liberal premier Gordon Campbell. I think that Griffiths does not really have any business running in Vancouver-West End, I simply cannot see how he would be able to understand the concerns of residents and bring those concerns to Victoria.

What Griffiths has is a name to run on, and family money to back him up. Dave Harper clearly is a huge underdog, but he has a base in the community. I do not know Dave well, but all of my interactions with him have been very pleasant. He has always been very warm and approachable. So while I will definitely be supporting Spencer Herbert, I would rather see a Spencer Herbert NDP ticket versus a Dave Harper Liberal ticket than one with Arthur Griffiths. Spencer and Dave would both campaign on issues important to the community, whereas I think Griffiths is more about name recognition and spending a lot of money on his campaign.

Good luck to Dave Harper, I hope that BC Liberals in the West End realize that someone dedicated to their community is a better choice to represent their party then a wealthy big name candidate with no ties to the riding.


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  1. Thank you for those kind words, Casey. I understand that you want to support the NDP candidate and I am always happy to see a fellow West Ender take an interest in politics, whatever their political stripe might be.

    In my many discussions with West Enders I hear comments very similar to yours: that West Enders want to see a provincial election where local issues are debated by authentic West Enders. I think my 14+ years here as a renter and resident give me the first-hand experience needed to truly speak for our wonderful community in Victoria.

    I will, of course, try to convince you to vote for me, but the important thing is that you vote: and I am sure you will.


    Comment by Dave Harper | August 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. I agree whole-heartedly! Griffiths has no business running in the Westend.

    Comment by Deven | August 18, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hopefully, the Premier, after he interviewed David, realized how lucky he is to have a true West Ender contesting the riding, a man of discretion, intellect, honesty and vision.

    Disclosure: He and I have been friends for decades so I really know this to be true.

    Comment by Chris Orvig | August 18, 2008 | Reply

  4. I am not a resident of the West End. Nevertheless, knowing you, I am sure that your compassion and energy to represent the rights and aspirations of a diversified, vibrant constituancy in a balanced and positive way will become well known to West End residents. If you are successful, the riding would have the best possible candidate and be better place for it.

    Comment by Professor Robert Blake | August 19, 2008 | Reply

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