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A weekend of boxing

For the first time in a couple of months I watched a significant number of boxing matches over the weekend.  I was excited to see Chris Arreola and Chazz Witherspoon fight, two young, undefeated American heavyweights. I have seen Arreola fight a few times and I really like his style.  He comes right at you, constant pressure, with good power, and a solid chin.  I think that Witherspoon could be a good fighter, but he lacks the power to back a guy like Arreola off.  Anyone with a strong chin, and good power can walk right through guys like Witherspoon and that is just what Arreola did.

There is some controversy surrounding the end to the fight. Witherspoon was disqualified when his corner stepped into the ring before the official end of round 3.  Witherspoon was knocked down with about 5 seconds to go in round 3, he beat the count and stood on very weak legs. Referee Randy Phillips did not seem to be aware that time had expired in the round.  Phillips should have quickly declared the round over, and then Witherspoon’s corner could have entered the ring and helped Witherspoon to his corner.  I have no problem with the stoppage, but it is unfortunate that the result is a DQ win for Arreola and not a TKO.   Witherspoon’s corner should count their blessings and be happy that Chazz did not go out for the 4th round where he almost certainly would have gotten clocked a couple of more times and then the fight would have been over.  I am always amused with boxers and their handlers who complain about stoppages when they probably just got a huge break.  It is sad to see a fight go on to long and watch one guy get his head totally beat in.  Once it is clear that a guy is going to lose the fight it is the right thing for the referee, doctor, or the corner to stop the fight.

Another exciting fight was the Arthur Abraham vs Edison Miranda rematch.  I am not sure if Abraham’s convincing knockout win proves that he is a good fighter, or whether it just proves that Miranda is not a world class type of fighter.  Miranda lost convincingly to both Pavlik and Abraham, proving that he cannot match up to top notch competition.  I think that Pavlik has proven himself to be an exceptional fighter by defeating Jermain Taylor twice.  Abraham is going to have to beat someone of Taylor’s pedigree in order to be considered an elite fighter in my view.

The last fight that I watched was the Amir Khan vs Michael Gomez slugfest from the UK.  Khan has quickly been moving up the lightweight ranks.  The fight with Gomez was fast paced and really exciting.  Gomez and Khan were both down early in the fight.  I think that Gomez is the type of fighter that could probably get up after almost any punch and continue fighting, but that just means that he takes an unneccessary beating.  Khan went down from a hard left hook but never looked like he was truly in danger of losing the fight, just that he had to weather a couple of difficult rounds.  I loved Khan’s speed, he looked great in the ring, and adapted well to Gomez’s constant pressure.  I look forward to seeing Amir Khan face some of the big names in the lightweight division.


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