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I can no longer dislike Bernard Hopkins

Prior to this weekend I disliked Bernard Hopkins as a person, as far as his public image goes, and as a boxer because of his overly defensive style. After this past weekend, I have an enormous amount of respect for Bernard Hopkins and I will listen more carefully to what he says in public.

Hopkins did not just defeat Kelly Pavlik this past Saturday, he absolutely destroyed him. You might think that any time a boxer makes it to the final bell that he cannot have been totally destroyed, but I think the fact that Pavlik lasted 12 rounds just furthered his complete and total destruction. Hopkins won almost every minute of the fight. Pavlik was bloodied, bruised, and completely exhausted by the end of the fight. Hopkins may have been able to press harder and actually knock Pavlik out, but that does not seem to have ever been Hopkins style. Hopkins executed a brilliant tactical fight, and at no time did he seem to deviate from his plan, which was to counter punch effectively, stay away from Pavlik’s power right hand, and score quick one or two punch shots before getting out of harm’s way.

Bernard Hopkins deserves now, and he most likely deserved before, to go down as one of the greatest fighters of his generation. As a 43 year old man, Hopkins totally dominated a 26 year old undisputed champion. I think that Pavlik can still have a long successful career ahead of him, but he really needs to develop some more as a fighter before he can be considered great. Hopkins is clearly nearing the end of his career, but I think that with his brilliant performance this past Saturday he deserves a couple more big money fights. Hopkins has proven that he can still excite a crowd if his opponent’s style is such that it allows him to excel.

Though I think that Joe Calzaghe will likely defeat Roy Jones in their upcoming fight, and Hopkins has said he wants to fight the winner, I would rather see Hopkins fight Jones regardless of the outcome of the fight. Jones and Hopkins should have fought a rematch around a decade ago, but it is better late than never, and the end is nearing for both of these great fighters. Hopkins and Jones may be old, they may only be half of what they were in their primes, but they can both still put on exciting fights, and I for one would love to see them do battle.


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